Desires never die!

Did you ever think about your desires and felt that you were not blessed enough?
If so, then re-evaluate your possessions. 🙂

Rashmi Mishra

When we wish something at one moment, the other moment we start wishing for something more expensive or superior than one previously bought or spent on; this desire forms part of money, out of which it is derived. But the surprising bit is that we always forget thanking the supreme power for whatever we have, instead we start blaming and complaining for what we don’t even lack.

Our job is to make sure ‘How to live’ and not to determine ‘The mode of living’.

Problem arises when we try to reverse conditions and situations, the reason which pertains to problems in life.
I mostly try to reverse the terms & conditions, but I think life is much kind on me.

Looking at some people’s success who achieved without amenities or further facilities, sometimes their conditions were so adverse that even their bodies didn’t support them but they had beaten such shortcomings…

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