A little that I know about myself

ज़िंदगी ने मेरे क़िस्से लिखे… मुझे ज़िंदगी लिखने का शौक़ हो चला !!
(Life wrote my tales… I started writing Life)


An unconventional quester, whimsical character, a solitary and ambivert human.
An ordinary person with a poetic soul.
I aspire to do so many things in this one life time, “I don’t know this body’s survival period but I want to give everything to the society that I can in this form of energy; and one of them is gathering and making myself capable of authoring my knowledge of life”.

Everything that I write is based upon my own experiences.

“I’d explain myself as a person with an introvert tongue and extrovert words which defines me as sorely shy and sophisticatedly outspoken individual”.

 Exploring something which dwells within, a traveler of the world of words.
My writing comprises of observations from the world around me.

I am a poetess and a writer of feelings, a disciple of life and this is what makes part of my poetry and other writings.

“I do poetry to heal my wounds and to make others heal theirs, I know they connect with mine and relate with theirs”.

Literature is something which makes me feel why I didn’t go for a degree in this subject, but I am glad that it is natural for me. For that, I’m a commerce graduate.

Writing is my passion. I write in both Hindi and English but my love for Hindi language never fades.

You may read a number of my Hindi poems in the main menu under BIKHREKHAYAAL (Scattered thoughts).

Also, authoring my sentiments with #रshmi with the same handle name “Bikhrekhayaal” on other social media accounts that belong to me.

I’m enjoying putting it all in words and loving the feeling that you’ll are loving it. 🙂

Haven’t yet read me? You’re just few clicks away.

Enjoy reading and keep delighting me! 🙂

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