Desires never die!

Did you ever think about your desires and felt that you were not blessed enough?
If so, then re-evaluate your possessions. 🙂

Rashmi Mishra

When we wish something at one moment, the other moment we start wishing for something more expensive or superior than one previously bought or spent on; this desire forms part of money, out of which it is derived. But the surprising bit is that we always forget thanking the supreme power for whatever we have, instead we start blaming and complaining for what we don’t even lack.

Our job is to make sure ‘How to live’ and not to determine ‘The mode of living’.

Problem arises when we try to reverse conditions and situations, the reason which pertains to problems in life.
I mostly try to reverse the terms & conditions, but I think life is much kind on me.

Looking at some people’s success who achieved without amenities or further facilities, sometimes their conditions were so adverse that even their bodies didn’t support them but they had beaten such shortcomings…

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I learned to laugh at myself at 3 a.m….

Rashmi Mishra

Where am I standing in life?
Why life took me where I’m today?
Am I really responsible for whatever happened or a victim of time just like most of them?
Okay! tell me, why only me? Why?

Okay! I settle, it’s not only me. Many like me, may be.. ah! They must be the stronger souls or might be the ones who do not know how to live but pretend to be stronger to avoid the hopelessness?

Wait! Then which category do you fall in? You think, you are some special character of a fantasy tale? Or you were supposed to be a person who doesn’t need to be strong enough because you think that life is a cake walk? Is it?
I said, no! I don’t think so, but then I believe a fantasy can be created in a real life too.
Yeah! Why not? You know what? When…

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Some stories remain untold and you become story teller !!

Rashmi Mishra

I recall when I started writing, it was never a passion to me or I never knew that I was a writer in disguise or say a scribbler.. Ha Ha!

 It all happened by chance, one fine evening of 2004’s winter when I saw a child distributing news papers in my colony, he was hardly 10 years old, didn’t even have a sweater to cover his body nor shoes to keep his feet warm, thought entire remaining day about him; and from that day it became a chain of days, he used to daily come to circulate those papers in the evening. I used to wonder, why in the evening and most importantly why ‘He (a child)’. I was a student of 11th standard then, exams were approaching and I started writing an imaginary article about that news paper wala, without caring for the exams.Well, I wasn’t a type of student…

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Two Faces..

Rashmi Mishra

In this world saying goes ‘Good people bring out the good in you’ and when they bring it out you are the very new and a changed person from what you used to be.

But what if people bring out the bad in you? Then also you become very changed from what you have been. Is it so, that ‘Bad people bring out the bad in you’ or you have dropped yourself down to that level to be bad and mad?

Sometimes I come across such situations where it becomes difficult for me to understand whether to follow my heart and instincts or to flow with the waves of unacceptable or I should be using the word ‘Wrong (for myself)’? I sense, I am a kind of person who can’t “Swallow the bee, happily”. Situations arise when you feel like battling inside with yourself and with the outer forces and…

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Rashmi Mishra

She is a story, unsaid
She is a poetry, unsung
She is a history, unread
She is a scenery, unobserved
She is a glossary, unnoticed
She is bravery, uncelebrated.
Placeholder Image
She is a voice, unheard
She is a feeling, undesired
She is laughter, unappreciated
She is beam, unilluminated.
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She is questionnaire, unsolved
She is a dare, unchallenged
She is a prayer, unblessed
She is a heart, unloved
She is joyous, undelighted
She is overlooked, unexcused.

yercaudShe is woman, unattempted!


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मैं हर वो औरत हूँ..

Rashmi Mishra

अपनें जज़्बातों को दबाए रखना पडता था, अपनी आवाज़ को बंद रख़ना पडता था..
मेरे मन की सुननेे वाला कोई नहीं था, सबके मन का मग़र मुझे करना पडता था..
मुझे क्या चोट पहुँचाता गया, इससे किसी को कोई सरोकार नहीं था..
हर एक की चोट पर मरहम करना मग़र मेरा कर्तव्य बताया गया..
जब जब मैनें ख़िलाफ़त की, मुझे बग़ावती हो जाने के डर से दुत्कारा गया..
जब जब सर उठा कर मैनें चलना चाहा, मेरे सपनों को एडी तले रौंद कर रक्ख़ दिया..
मैनें आग़े बढना चाहा तो शादी करवा कर घर से निकाल दिया, मुझे माँ ने कुछ इसी तरह आगे बढा दिया..
मैनें जब अपनें मन की पति से कही, उसने अपनी माँ का हवाला देकर टाल दिया..
जब उसकी माँ से कहा मैनें, उन्होंने चूडी- बिछिया और बिंदी थमा कर टरका दिया..
फिर यही सोचती रह गई मैं, के मुझ में मैं ही हूँ या…

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