She is a story, unsaid
She is a poetry, unsung
She is history, unread
She is a scenery, unobserved
She is glossary, unnoticed
She is bravery, uncelebrated.
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She is a voice, unheard
She is a feeling, undesired
She is laughter, unappreciated
She is beam, unilluminated.
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She is questionnaire, unsolved
She is a dare, unchallenged
She is a prayer, unblessed
She is a heart, unloved
She is joyous, undelighted
She is overlooked, unexcused.


She is woman, unattempted!


Synopsis: “A woman is powerful to the extent that she often remains unattempted”.


I’m.. Because…

I’m the happiest to carry my identity,
I’m the bravest to continue to be myself,
I’m the prettiest to carry a dusk of aging,
I’m the toughest to carry the dawn of being childish,
I’m the softest to take corner in your heart,
I’m imaginary when I am not real,
I’m unique ‘like everyone else is’…Placeholder Image

I’m happiest because I acknowledge my identity,
I’m bravest because I act like myself,
I’m prettiest because age is enriching me,
I’m toughest because I am childish,
I’m softest because I am compassionate,
I’m imaginary because I am real,
I’m not the only but there are many,

I’m unique but many are similar to me.
I’m not the only to carry all this,
but I am proud to be all this…