My Personal Calling…

What more and what else could I ask for
if I can be well understood by expressing myself?


I feel amazing
to be the soul of this understanding
of my goal of life.

It gives me an opportunity,
almost everyone wants in life


I can be happy by observing
and expressing what I just observed,

this is nothing less than a miraculous favor
bestowed upon me,

there are many hearts who have oceans to utter
but can scarcely convey a bucketful of it,

I have a chance to be a little more expressive.

I had never imagined that
my personal calling would be so interesting.

I am glad that the universe chose me, for writing.



The Daily Prompt-Bestow


If it wasn’t for our love…

I stumbled upon you and became childlike again, like I used to be only with you.
For that, if it wasn’t for our love, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Life was uphill until you left, I met the reality later on. How I wonder, not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish this fullest form of love, unlike us! We were born just to experience the abbreviation of it together, but I loved that experience too; I didn’t just love but lived in it.
Even when we stayed apart, we were afar to be near. Distance was keeping us closer. I’m flabbergasted, we were always good for each other but never good enough!

I still want you to flirt with me, like glow-worms romance the dusk and the Moon makes love to the dark; how you did is inexplicable. You moved me with your ineffable charm in such a kind that I carved your shape on my heart… whosoever lives there, can never overshadow you.
That euphoric fondness which keeps me closer to you, is everything that I would live for!
I want to understand what all remained an unfathomable. I want to hearken to what all remained unsaid and listen to the beats of your heart to catch all those moments that passed and I missed.

I always wanted to say a lot,
now I want to say a little more
Earlier I hadn’t had words,
now I don’t have us…
Every time I confessed my feelings for you,
I was so much in love with you
but when I remained silent
it was because you rose beyond those boundaries of words.

She wrote, stirred her heart with love, saw his photos and murmured vaguely, “Although I’m immune to emotions, your smile would kill me”.


To know who she was and to whom the words were dedicated, stay tuned!


Daily Prompt- Vague