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“Some stories remain untold, but they continue to be written”.
~#रshmi  (Bikhrekhayaal)

Mine are also like that, I am an unsolved mystery to many and when they read me they happen to know a whole new and different me.
And I think this is how most writers are, they are always a little less expressed than how much they feel inside.
My blog posts also speak about who I am and how I think in a way that anyone may relate with my words. I will be writing many more posts on topics that may not be alike (in nature), in future, along with my poetry and those other posts speaking about love and life.
Stay in touch!
I write because
“Writing sets me free, freedom makes me happy and happiness keeps me hearty”.
~#रshmi (Bikhrekhayaal)
“I worship words, I write my life. I cherish swinging, I adore my writing”!
~#रshmi (Bikhrekhayaal)
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मुझे क्या उस हस्ती से जो मिट चले, दरक़ार उस वजूद से है जो मेरे बाद भी ज़िंदा रहे ! #रshmi
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