My Personal Calling…

What more and what else could I ask for
if I can be well understood by expressing myself?


I feel amazing
to be the soul of this understanding
of my goal of life.

It gives me an opportunity,
almost everyone wants in life


I can be happy by observing
and expressing what I just observed,

this is nothing less than a miraculous favor
bestowed upon me,

there are many hearts who have oceans to utter
but can scarcely convey a bucketful of it,

I have a chance to be a little more expressive.

I had never imagined that
my personal calling would be so interesting.

I am glad that the universe chose me, for writing.



Courtesy: Photo library from WordPress

The Daily Prompt-Bestow

4 Replies to “My Personal Calling…”

    1. Thanks for enjoying these words. For your second statement I would say power of pen is definitely so strong that it can even make you believe what doesn’t exist, but personal calling is something beyond that; it’s an experience that stays for lifetime. 🙂

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