It depresses!

You can’t fall prey

to the ashes

of past

and go places,

Let your life breathe,

give despair rashes.

Get up!

pick your fallen pieces,

Get up!

glue those broken glasses.

Get up!

make vases, put flowers

smile and

brighten your faces.

Kick all that what

stops your basses,


It won’t stay

What you say,

it depresses!

You are not alone

It’s fragile, that’s

currently your zone,

Be a milestone!


Fighting with depression and its soul sister anxiety is very tough even if you tell yourself that it’s just a matter of time or may be it’s not going to stay, but the truth is that sometimes it becomes so difficult to cope with it that you can’t stop overthinking, your nights become sleepless, your days pass with your eyes filled with tears and too much more, and most importantly you are not sometimes aware of the reason(s). For sure it is not an easy task to overcome the suffocation and consequent suffering. You need multiple emotional wellness sessions, counseling and sometimes pills too and I hope that these things also work. I empathize with everyone who is struggling with emotional disorders, as some days I also can’t understand my own emotions and get carried away. I have been depressed for months and sometimes I still need things that would make me feel better.

Thank God! I’ve got this gift of writing, I can write down my feelings and feel better this way!

What is the gift of existence to you that makes your life hopeful?


“Being in the process of growing out of every such thing that affects your emotions is a Spiritual Practice, and remaining unaffected is the highest degree of Spirituality”. ~ Rashmi Mishra


Photo Credits: Free photo library by WordPress

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