I learned to laugh at myself at 3 a.m….

Rashmi Mishra

Where am I standing in life?
Why life took me where I’m today?
Am I really responsible for whatever happened or a victim of time just like most of them?
Okay! tell me, why only me? Why?

Okay! I settle, it’s not only me. Many like me, may be.. ah! They must be the stronger souls or might be the ones who do not know how to live but pretend to be stronger to avoid the hopelessness?

Wait! Then which category do you fall in? You think, you are some special character of a fantasy tale? Or you were supposed to be a person who doesn’t need to be strong enough because you think that life is a cake walk? Is it?
I said, no! I don’t think so, but then I believe a fantasy can be created in a real life too.
Yeah! Why not? You know what? When…

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