Desires never die!

When we wish something at one moment, the other moment we start wishing for something more expensive or superior than one previously bought or spent on; this desire forms part of money, out of which it is derived. But the surprising bit is that we always forget thanking the supreme power for whatever we have, instead we start blaming and complaining for what we don’t even lack.

Our job is to make sure ‘How to live’ and not to determine ‘The mode of living’.

Problem arises when we try to reverse conditions and situations, the reason which pertains to problems in life.
I mostly try to reverse the terms & conditions, but I think life is much kind on me.

Looking at some people’s success who achieved without amenities or further facilities, sometimes their conditions were so adverse that even their bodies didn’t support them but they had beaten such shortcomings, overcame and succeeded; was what made me think about explanations that I used to give in my case.
At this point in life, it resembles an alibi to me even when it was genuine or I might have considered that as genuine.
Honestly, every failure teaches you something if you keep your mind open for the enlightenment.
My failures taught me earlier but I opened my mind a little later”.

I tended to be one of such type, primarily a self-centered person.
In fact, now I feel blessed that my body is in working condition and every part of it is positioned at the same place where it is supposed to be.
This form of the kindness which keeps me alive makes me realize the power of universe. It makes me thank the omnipotent for whatever I have and I can visualize achieving.
This is the same instant which makes me trust the life even stronger than every earlier second.
Surely, there is a power which is invisible but lives in the world with us, showers blessings and gives us more than we deserve, the power which regulates the entire you i.e. entire universe.
That power is the power of your own senses and all the more, that of your actions to your senses.

I’m constantly trying to become a person who can serve gratitude in whatever form. An effort in trying to be better everyday is what keeps me alive.

This effort is a desire to be better, a desire to serve gratitude and a desire to free every bit of this mind by the end of the last day.
A desire to burn all the failures and a desire to turn them into a huge success of this life.
A burning desire to die with every moment that I lived and enjoyed.

“Desires may never die but there comes a level where your soul feels fulfilled, For me that level lies in compassion”.


PS: I know how useless it is to put these feelings in words but I wanted to put them. I don’t know why but definitely it gives me mental peace when I free my thoughts on words.
Thank you for giving your time in reading this post. 🙂



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