Ask me a question!

Instagram rolled up with this new sticker in its story feature a couple of days ago. Everyone went crazy and this became a phenomenon overnight. 😀

I realized it when my app needed an update and I wasn’t able to tap on people’s
“Ask me a question”, I literally sent Direct messages to a few of them, asking them

I went back to the story feature and checked for this sticker, as I was also dying for people to ‘Ask me a question’. Can you feel the zeal? Ha-ha! 😀 😉

As soon as I figured out that it was the play of an update again, I updated the app and finally joined the competition (this trend is no less than a competition exam that millions are trying to crack). 😀
You must be thinking what a dumb I was to haven’t updated it already, so it’s okay for me as I’ve earlier procrastinated even bigger things in life but the best part about this one was there’s no regret associated with it. I would have been regretting it, had I missed such a topic to write about. 😀 .

Anyway, let me continue 😉
I was as happy as the sticker itself is (the space for typing your QUESTION is wide, right? 😉 ), my smile was wide like this sticker’s. Finally, I could also know what people wanted to know about me and all that. What nonsense! I acted like a crazy or I might have written this post like you could also feel the trending craze. 😀

So, I put this sticker in my story and the ‘Game of questions’ started.
Let’s start from starting!


And then I began to receive people’s questions. Let me share a few of them that I answered and a couple out of them I had to answer, I wondered not only I but a lot of them had a lot of time! Ha-ha! 😀

Well don’t judge me for this,
entertainment is also a must and if this gives you a laughter then it’s an icing on the cake!

  • So the first question comes from my best friend, who is my secret keeper but suddenly thought of trying her hands on making me flaunt that. Poor girl, couldn’t predict the wit and asked me a wrong question. Luckily, I had an answer… 😛IMG_20180711_102928_467

  • When some random person’s mind is so over imaginative that he’d ask you to imagine such things hypothetically, and you end up imagining even better. Although I forgot to tell him that I’m happily married, I hope for this guy to come across the fact one day. 😛 😀IMG_20180711_103406_315

  • This one comes from the same guy as in the earlier image. I also hope, that he happens to know he isn’t anonymous to the person he asks such questions. Poor guy! 😛IMG_20180711_112734_687

  • When a compliment like this calms my senses. I seriously don’t know the answer to this but would love to see myself there, in this lifetime. I thank him to give a boost to my thoughts and motivate me more. 🙂 ❤IMG_20180711_103920_801

  • When people really want to know about you but cannot find a question or just cannot ask you enough in a question, they’d start with what’s the inspiration behind doing what one does.
    As my poems carry a name Bikhrekhayaal  everyone is curious about knowing why it is this, I have been asked this question multiple times, and here is the answer. 🙂IMG_20180711_103242_469

  • When such questions appear, I feel like having more food… Ha-ha!
    But I loved this question. A real answer, I don’t go on diets at all. 🙂IMG_20180711_104341_963

  • When I find a word to play with! 😉IMG_20180711_104148_144

  • And here I can’t feel like writing without a genuine feeling! 😉IMG_20180711_104605_382

  • And last but not the least, the most asked question to me by people who themselves are nothing in their lives. Sad! Some people are really interested in knowing why you aren’t that you used to be 10 years ago.
    My simple answer to this guy’s Direct Message was that I’ve grown up and my life didn’t stop there, I’m happy with who I am today!
    This guy asked me 2 questions related to this in a row, but I didn’t find it apt putting my head into replying to his another question.
    Yes! I am a CA drop out, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong about dropping what you just don’t want to keep. 🙂IMG_20180711_221539_718

If you haven’t yet tried the sticker, try and share your questions. And if have already tried then share your questions anyway! 😉



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