Mysterious learning…

Today morning, something unusual happened to me! I woke up with this random thought. I’d picture myself dying in a particular state, in my mind!

I envisioned that the final day was standing eye-to-eye, in front of me and I was in a state of sheer happiness where my mind was empty (having nothing to recollect) and everything would seem full of joy.
The same state of mind in which I want to be, when that time is near. A state where I’m left with no regrets and no satisfaction. No fulfillment, nothing remains to be fulfilled.

That state (emptiness or having nothing to recall) isn’t something one has to create, it automatically occurs when you’re smiling.

“The state of indifference is the state of smile”.

A mysterious experience happened when I was in deep sleep last night and I think that thought in the morning was an effect of this experience, as there’s always a cause to an effect.

I dreamed that I was diagnosed with lung cancer (despite the fact that I don’t smoke…haha) and doctors were doing all that was in their control, to heal my body for this life-threatening ailment.

So! This is no experience!

I was talking about what I’m going to write next.

After I woke up in the morning, I realized the dream last night didn’t affect me at all.
I didn’t become restless, it wasn’t like all other scary dreams that would make me sweat and get me leave my bed, half asleep.
It was such a great experience when I realized, I smiled (it just happened and I figured out that I smiled) and understood that I learned the lesson of AWARENESS.

I was aware of the fact that I was unaffected of an imaginary state of mind that doesn’t exist, at present.
I learned about the absolute me, I learned the absence of presence and vice-versa.

In order to elaborate this…

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To be alive is the greatest gift vouchsafed to us as humans and that’s the reason enough for me, to find a purpose of living than roving aimlessly for a destination. Basically there’s no final destination, keep digging in the hands of destiny.
Destiny follows the determination, it is to set goals over goals and destination is the aim to achieve them. So for me, my learning of life till date is that our desires to unfold the layers of our own souls never end until we give-up.

“Procrastinating your own happiness is giving-up, in life”.

Happiness is something which makes one feel good by doing good. For me that lies in being productive and constantly finding something great for feeding my mind to indulge it into further learning and my heart into doing good.

Making life give-in, is the best way how one can win and that happens only when one is actively working toward making their soul feel good.
“Don’t play this game of life like a gamble of bet, play it at your own terms”.

I am listening to my heart and following its footsteps. There’s something which doesn’t let me stop, it wants me to move ahead to keep moving, and finding a purpose that may be anything resulting in a fecund action for the social good. I hope so!

“The most beautiful thing about life is a contemplative mind, a reflective conscience is indispensable to have a beautiful heart”.




PS: This post doesn’t talk about any mystery of existence or death. It is based upon my experience and this explains how I learned about ‘Awareness’ of self. 🙂

10 Replies to “Mysterious learning…”

    1. Thank you so much for reading this long post to the end, and for sharing appreciation through your comment 🙂 . I’m on this journey of life for learning and I’m glad that someone can relate to my words. 🙂


  1. Very deep indeed !!

    These lines :
    “Happiness is something which makes one feel good by doing good. For me that lies in being productive and constantly finding something great for feeding my mind to indulge it into further learning and my heart into doing good’.

    True words and nicely put. What else we want in life, if we follow these lines it’s so easy to fulfill happiness.

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  2. To know who you are and what you want is a blessing. I meditate. It has given me a sense of ownership. I don’t seek validation. My happiness is not guided by external factors. I can control my reaction. Though I’m still learning, I feel I’ve achieved a lot of calmness because of it.

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    1. Of course it is. Life is all about experiences, everyone has different things to experience in life, in different ways. For me there’s a lot more than the happiness itself that I’m seeking now, and that is a purpose and satisfaction. I agree that happiness doesn’t come from external factors but I believe there should be something that makes you feel the same happiness, I find that satisfaction in writing and thus, I sense the happiness.☺


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