I’m.. Because…

I’m the happiest to carry my identity,
I’m the bravest to continue to be myself,
I’m the prettiest to carry a dusk of aging,
I’m the toughest to carry the dawn of being childish,
I’m the softest to take corner in your heart,
I’m imaginary when I am not real,
I’m unique ‘like everyone else is’…

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Courtesy: Photo library from WordPress

I’m happiest because I acknowledge my identity,
I’m bravest because I act like myself,
I’m prettiest because age is enriching me,
I’m toughest because I am childish,
I’m softest because I am compassionate,
I’m imaginary because I am real,
I’m not the only but there are many,

I’m unique but many are similar to me.
I’m not the only to carry all this,
but I am proud to be all this…


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