Beauty of LOVE..

You might have heard ‘Love doesn’t speak, nor can be shown’?
Love can be defined only in a single line,
‘Something which can neither be explained nor be curtailed, yet can be written about’.
‘The whole world in a single word, but all the words always fall short for writing about it’.
Over and above all the boundaries, the most beautiful power that the whole world hinges on.
Many of us, in fact all of us have been through this feeling called ‘LOVE’. But If I am not wrong we are all still in dilemma of ‘What really this thing called love is’?
The assumption in our culture about love is that ‘Love just happens’, I am still searching for the evidence ‘Does it really just happen?
It did not happen to me just like that, in any case whether it be platonic love or familial love or say a feeling felt after falling in love for special someone. However, it was a fantasy for me unless I felt love.
Love for me is not only the chemistry between two people but also a supernatural power that when they love their significant another, their hearts follow everything to find beauty in them which designs their souls angelically.
Love is what retains the power to even make you, crack you, break you or erect you!
For some love is their spouse or lover. No doubt that most of us have often used the word ‘I love you’ at some point of time(s) in our lives, whether to our lover or life-partner, children, parents or anybody else we adore, out of a feeling of attachment or affection, just by liking somebody or something that they do or just like that, for no reason. Love is a variety of different feelings, which expresses different kinds of attitudes that vary from person to person, where ‘I Love you’ plays a very important role.
Although it works like a healing ointment whether the words flow from anywhere; specially where we seek such words from or from somewhere else where attachment lies, undoubtedly it makes you feel special and above everything for few moments; nevertheless, not love, but affectionately the words that come out are ‘I Love you’. It might be the stage of further attachment though.
Love is the ‘Eternal Verity’ which starts with the attachment but never ends, and the attachment also vanishes but love stays.
The Ingredients of our Human love may be Intimacy, passion and commitment; where liking demands only passion, infatuated love demands only intimacy but only empty love gives commitment (as is said to be the True Love). Empty is the love where there remains no probability of finesse and expectations, empty is the love where everything seems to be full of love and there is no more space for anything else.
That emptiness fills you.
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However, the power of Love is that the less love you have (whether to get or to give), the more misery you are likely to experience in your lives and of course when you are loved there is no other bigger happiness than to be loved, it is not just about being loved but it is also about loving.
Love is not transacted for in any open market nor is that which you can bargain for as per your convenience, it is just reciprocated, ‘The simple rule of love in life’.
“Though Love doesn’t just find you, it chases you. Let it Chase you, you never know When it can lose you if it finds you”. ~ Rashmi Mishra
Lover is the one who knows to celebrate love, and the path which leads to love can’t lead you to love until you two become one!
All the relationships of the world are standing only on this single word, be it Divine-Devotee (Devoutness and Love) or Male-Female, familial or of kindness, of teacher-Student (Respect and affection). It is said to have ‘Only love’ in your love, the trust is something which automatically starts following;  because in love you surrender yourself entirely.
Love is a purest form of kindness which flows from a heart to the other and teaches to wish at your own free will, good for another. Because of this love, they say, god came on earth for common people, I had heard so.
‘Emotionally, love is something which is above everything’. The Adoration, the Devoutness, the Prayer, the Worship and the surrender are all those kinds of love which raised ‘Meera’ and at the same level of Love ‘Parvati’ Became ‘Prakruti’.
Love is the origination of the supreme on the earth, that is why it is eternal, peaceful & Verity.
 ‘Heavenly Love is an Emotional Love which is the basis for human love’.



PS: Originally written in 2012. I shared this post here on this blog two years ago!
Write in comment below what do you think about ‘Love’. 

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