I am a year old Mother today!

I am overwhelmed at this mere thought that I and my husband have completed 365 days of parenting today!


My baby boy arrived exactly a year, nineteen hours, forty-five minutes and thirty seconds ago, last year; and changed my life forever.

I wish time for coming years will move a little slower, it feels like time just flew in a flash, this time!!!


How I wonder next year he’ll be just double his age!😀

I wonder how crazy mothers could be.


How I wonder, I am wondering so much more!! 🙃


PS: On my son’s first birthday I can also not forget to thank my mother for being such a great great help and support, because of her immense hard work to get me back onto the track of my daily life I am able to enjoy today’s grand emotion.


And my husband who did so much of the household work that he never did before!😀


It has been a collective journey with mixed emotions, and I just realized that more than the boy, I am congratulating ourselves!🙈

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