The Sky Of My Thoughts…


Have you ever observed the sky? Ah! You must have, what a stupid question.
Since you have witnessed the clouds wandering above your head up in the sky, did you ever wonder how come this view is so enchanting?

I watched this sky making rounds daily but never paid such attention like today. I wanted to see the depth of that beauty and so, ended up seeing my reflection.

Courtesy: Photo library from WordPress

It was a normal day like all others were, still something was very different from all of them.
The color of the sky was deceptive today, it was a combination of all…
It was crystal & grey, it was also black & white, and it was blue & bright. A wonderful sky made my day.

It was a serendipitous sight, sometimes my thoughts also seem to be of the similar nature that of the sky.
They appear to be transparent like crystal ,and grey selfsame as the age of the mind of an old lady. I witness them maturing salt and pepper, like a handsome man’s hair which makes him even sexier. And sometimes they’re like a blue sea of possibilities, I dive in and come out with innumerable oysters containing many number of bright pearls.

And this was special about today’s musings, I never noticed this characteristic of thoughts, which the sky made me realize today!

“Beauty is the manifestation of one’s own reflection”. ~Rashmi Mishra

This feeling of beholding such greatness of the nature is ineffable. Those days, to my surprise, I just want to sit back and watch how nature conspires us to admire its tricks of entwining our thoughts with its flow of beauty and hope.

Like time stays in the history and centuries pass, I want to slip in that time and stay in that century. I want to see where thoughts come from and witness the Authenticity of being thoughtful.

I want to look up more and feast my eyes!




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5 Replies to “The Sky Of My Thoughts…”

    1. Every effect has a cause, how can a creation come to life without a creator? But a creation itself is a creator of the another creation. I mean to say that everything exists because something is already existing/or once existed. 🙂


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