You and Love Quotes..

  1. If you’re not happy in love,
    you are somewhere else but not in love.
  2. Love is an unconditional happiness which flows
    ‘In and out’.
    Happiness is nothing but the best
    that you wish for your significant other
    even in the tough time of separation and beyond that.pexels-photo-236287.jpeg
  3. You moved me with your ineffable charm in such a kind that
    I carved your shape on my heart,
    whosoever lives there can never overshadow you.teenagers-prom-formal-young.jpg
  4. That euphoric fondness which keeps me closer to you,
    is everything that
    I would live for!pexels-photo-842546.jpeg
  5. Although I’m immune to emotions,
    your smile’d kill me!pexels-photo-984922.jpeg
  6. I want you to flirt with me,
    like glow-worm romances the dusk
    and moon makes love to the dark!


To Be Continued……


Photo courtesy: Photo library from WordPress

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