Why do we forget before accusing everyone that everyone includes us as well?
Why do we forget that we weren’t born as casts and religions but as humans?
Every single act that takes place is occurring in the name(s) of religion(s), a hollow skull of ethos. If people won’t think of conducting such misdeeds, they won’t happen; but they don’t want not to think of conducting.
They aren’t just the demons of the ones committing such crimes but those of the society as well. These evils are rooted deeper and deeper into their souls, to the core that the most important things are labeled ‘Taboo’ but inhumanity is acceptable.
People aren’t working on acting/knowing/talking upon/about what they need to, but misusing their energy fighting and killing over religions!

To only undergo what they desire to know is the only answer they always knew, and that induces them to act, to experience; and these trivial minds act like that! Why should everything be experienced this way? Shame on such societal view points that think that timidity and diffidence are the ornaments to adorn their modesty and as a result, deprive its people from talking and knowing.

Toying with someone’s dignity is not something which adorns your modesty.

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In India people are surviving purely on their instincts, their upbringing compels them to keep their questions restricted to themselves and so they are neither willing to learn nor to pass on.
I am no more a proud Indian because to feel proud we need to first build a proud nation.
Nailed rules of “What and how one should know and do” are in the want of being acted upon. Why should they always assume? Instead they should be given an authentic foundation to learn with open-minds and then act.
They are rooted to act in a reverse motion; none was taught correct, none bothered to know right. Everything that is happening is the manifestation of their wicked mentality, a vicious cycle which is moving in a wrong direction.

Justice doesn’t come with a Candle March in the dark night or by igniting fire on the roads till it gives fumes, or by blaming the other irrelevant bags of bones, after one has already died; it comes with the awareness and the knowledge that has to be passed on. The right kind of values and understanding can stop such shameful and evil acts from taking place, to save a life.

Justice is letting a life live. Justice is not something for granting, but a right.

A dead can never be served the justice for dying; it does justice to us, if served; as a society we may feel relieved of our guilt, to some extent.

PS: I do not intend to hurt anyone’s emotions, I just want to communicate that such acts in the name of RELIGION and REVENGE are completely void as long as humanity is concerned.
I am still unable to overcome whatever news about that heinous and monstrous act my ears and eyes heard and watched.
Be humans to become humans and not criminals, that was the height of all crimes. Such a black day it was.

“During all those times when they were worshiping and glorifying, she was dying. Their God might have become selfish on the doomsday”!

Rest in Peace Asifa!




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