Some stories remain untold and you become story teller !!

Rashmi Mishra

I recall when I started writing, it was never a passion to me or I never knew that I was a writer in disguise or say a scribbler.. Ha Ha!

 It all happened by chance, one fine evening of 2004’s winter when I saw a child distributing news papers in my colony, he was hardly 10 years old, didn’t even have a sweater to cover his body nor shoes to keep his feet warm, thought entire remaining day about him; and from that day it became a chain of days, he used to daily come to circulate those papers in the evening. I used to wonder, why in the evening and most importantly why ‘He (a child)’. I was a student of 11th standard then, exams were approaching and I started writing an imaginary article about that news paper wala, without caring for the exams.Well, I wasn’t a type of student…

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