The Seed of Spirituality…

Well, Judgement is not his cup of tea, if he didn’t judge anyone in his entire life. Oh! You believe he is beyond life… Okay! Now let me come to the point.

Well, ‘Belief’ itself is one more reason for not believing him.

Can you just follow a race of horses (all of same color) who are running at a same speed, none of them shall be a winner or a loser at the same point of time, all of them reach the finishing line at the same time (nobody is a follower, basically)?

Exactly! No, Right?

But I was the same horse running the same race for no different conclusion. I was a ‘Firm GOD believer’. I might have never believed in him but a thing called ‘Fear’ always stuck behind, pushing me to do the same worship thing, for what reason, I didn’t know !!

Let me first explain this ‘Fear’…
I have grown up in a culture where everyone’s day starts with worship and also ends at the Same, there grew this thing called fear which stated ‘If you didn’t do this or did that, GOD would commit something bad to you’.. And I used to be a lily- livered who believed, there’ll be some mishap if I don’t behave in a specified way.

I am not saying that doing what makes them happy is not good, I am talking about beliefs’.

Now let me come to my awful realization, where I dared to think is GOD really so mean? If so, then there is no God. If he would also behave the way human species is behaving with each other then how come is he GOD?

Those were my rebellious counter thoughts to these so called cultural beliefs..

I didn’t stop there.

I knew one more concept of GOD which was again a ‘Hear say’ that If he existed, we could see him.
But wait! There is a twist, they say, we aren’t able to see him because we don’t want to… Fair enough! They are talking about the observers’ effect. 😀

And again a hear say, he exists in our bodies but we aren’t desirous enough to see him because we don’t desire what we don’t lack… Again! I was like…. really!!?? And I was taking lots and lots more coming in the way..
At last, I became a bag of confusion. I mean, obviously! Such vast and different beliefs and their altogether different followings.

One fine day I mustered some courage to vanish all the fear which was a by product of those beliefs, the day when the seed of spirituality really sprouted in me, earlier I used to believe I was spiritual because I worshiped god… A little weird, I know!

Now I am neutral to God’s existence, at this point. In this process as much I could experience was he exists and he doesn’t at the same time but for the people who believe in him, let me tell you he isn’t so mean to harm you if you omit worship(s) and to those who don’t believe, he has no structure but you, me and all of us are his parts because we ourselves are the ‘Universe’ in capacity of our bodies. So yes, we are the lives and lives are the living Almighty. Life has a duration, similarly the powers in our body!

God is our action to change, change from beliefs to experience. God is knowing that if you, yourselves are the ‘Universe’ then you can’t be mean to yourself.
God has no different body to appear in front of you to discuss your problems or curse you for mishaps, whatsoever the reason may be.

If you say that he exists in the good and not bad, I would say it is also a belief because as per ‘Mahabharata’ also, there was a war against the wrong, but ‘WAR’ happened. So I think it depends what is good for one, may not be the same for another.

So, on the judgement day if I will have to answer I would say, luckily without fear that I didn’t believe him because he was made of beliefs.
And that space in the final time is the reality, reality is that Space where there is no choice or confusion, but acceptance.
And belief is a choice not acceptance.

PS: None has to answer the authenticity of being themselves!


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