I learned to laugh at myself at 3 a.m….

Where am I standing in life?
Why life took me where I’m today?
Am I really responsible for whatever happened or a victim of time just like most of them?
Okay! tell me, why only me? Why?

Okay! I settle, it’s not only me. Many like me, may be.. ah! They must be the stronger souls or might be the ones who do not know how to live but pretend to be stronger to avoid the hopelessness?

Wait! Then which category do you fall in? You think, you are some special character of a fantasy tale? Or you were supposed to be a person who doesn’t need to be strong enough because you think that life is a cake walk? Is it?
I said, no! I don’t think so, but then I believe a fantasy can be created in a real life too.
Yeah! Why not? You know what? When you felt that life is a fantasy, you had already created a layer of tale..

Why can’t I forget whatever existed?
When it doesn’t exist anymore then why in my thoughts?

Where do I go?

why that blurry vision?

Which road should I take?

Which trail should I walk?

I have no clear pathway.
I’m shattered.

Oh! That’s great! Now go and tell’em you’re a storyteller, who engraves fantasies and have no real imagination. Now clap slowly, for yourself (!)

‘And I clapped’…

Amidst these thoughts I took a pause, waited for a micro moment and said to myself, rather than going to my bed what was I doing inside the bathroom in front of that mirror at 3:00 am? Why I was not asleep?

And I laughed like crazy…

I realized I had learned the most important chapter ‘Learn to laugh at yourself’. This took me some more time to understand that ‘Life chooses them to happen to, who can be funny at times, in fact many times, rather all the times’. 🙂

I understood the whole point, which I taught myself that you aren’t a fantasy character of an imaginary tale, you’re a joker for life who has to be strong and sturdy; doesn’t matter how hard the life kicks.

There is a secret that when you are in front of mirror and talking to yourself, you really talk to different versions of yours, just like a character in a movie talks to itself… haha! Well, again a fantasy talk… forget it! Let me take you to the reality that you don’t see them standing physically. 😀 😀
While in front of mirror I said, ‘You fool, what were you thinking that this stupid mirror has answers to all your questions’? ‘You retarded mind, go and sleep’.
This mirror doesn’t know everything. 😀 😀

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3 Replies to “I learned to laugh at myself at 3 a.m….”

  1. I don’t know why but I could connect to your lines or may be I know why 😀 Anyways I liked the way you composed this, with questions, answers, fantasy talks then realising it.. it’s cute and also the truth.. Good work. 🙂

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