Language is not the deciding factor, writing is.

Languages evolved during the time but human bodies evolved earlier than the languages. It was human who created a language to communicate and I believe this was the greatest creation ever.

Peoples’ languages are means to communicate their feelings to the ones who understand them. As languages were created to communicate, we are supposed to communicate, we are doing the same… Perfect! But why is this happening these days that a language is attached to the social status than a medium of communication?

Although every language is used differently and varies from context to context, For example, Language of literature is somewhat different than the language of general communication.

Well, I am a poetess so I would like to talk in terms of poetry. I’ve seen people making fun of poets, addressing them as mad, mocking them for being poets; bullying them, calling ‘Useless’, specially the ones who write in Hindi/Urdu or any regional language; English ones are the only God to them. Let me ask all such people who are so language racist (bhasha ki bhi jaatiyaan hain yahaan par bhai.. ‘Hindi’ wala ‘Low standard’, ‘Angrezi’ wala ‘High standard’) that what do they do when they feel extremely broken or bored or low or even happy etc? I feel the first thing which comes to their mind is ‘Music’, Isn’t it? I know some may feel like partying, but bro! You play Music there too. I know some of you choose English music over Hindi,
but let me again explain that music doesn’t have a language, it is the lyrical part which is linguistic and definitive.
And I bet there is no party which is hosted by an Indian can be celebrated without a Hindi song, may that be the only Hindi song played there.
So, my ultimate motive is to communicate that the songs which give you immense mental peace are the pieces themselves which have been written by a number of poets and then the music was composed.
So, my dear fellow Indian music lovers please respect the language which makes you feel good, may it be in any form.. Neither Hindi is a language of illiterate/low standard people nor the poets are.
And it must be a proof good enough for your knowledge that the importance of Hindi in this piece has been written in English by a Hindi Poet.
Thank you!

PS: I don’t intend to criticize any language because I don’t consider myself worthy of this.


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There is a difference between a jobber and a writer I.e. One needs an off from his work & another needs more to work on. #रshmi

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