Cheers for your heart!

I usually come up with topics which originate from musings, not all though.
But this word when I think about, I don’t need to overthink.
I cherish writing about it, I don’t think that I have grasped the whole understanding of this expression but I sense this emotion.

Probably I don’t know what is ‘Love’ but I know how it affects me.

Love can’t be permanent or temporary, it can just be a feeling that it already is; the one and only which you treasure for a life long period because you know that you belong to this and and this belongs to you.
The best part is none can snatch, pluck, rob or make an illegal power of attorney…haha!

“Love demands and urges us to apprehend and appreciate beauty”.
~Rashmi Mishra

“Love is the only something in this world which is an invisible form of energy that continues to remain alive beyond this body and so the feeling“. ~ Rashmi Mishra

It is mere feeling which makes you rise while falling and lucky are the ones who know the art of treasuring it; because fortunately you don’t have to put any effort to keep it with you, it stays.

So smile please! 🙂

Only effort you need to make is to have a BIG Heart!
Life isn’t the name of just coming, living, earning, spending and leaving; for the sake of universe. It’s more of having a beautiful heart full of love, being immensely kind at it and just keeping oneself away from every sin that can’t let one love.
I want to say, everything that keeps you away from loving is an egocentric sin but love is so youthfully and gracefully sinful that it doesn’t let your heart age.

“Love is a sin, that keeps you saintly”! ~ Rashmi Mishra

Everything in the world belongs to love. Let’s find time to nurture our hearts with love and let others love from being worth loving, help them nurture their hearts with love.
I contributed a bit of mine, with this post. 
Life is a small span of time so just live, love and let go of what doesn’t let you have a great heart.

Cheers for your heart if you have such an awesome one. :)




Courtesy: Photo library from WordPress

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