Two Faces..

In this world saying goes ‘Good people bring out the good in you’ and when they bring it out you are the very new and a changed person from what you used to be.

But what if people bring out the bad in you? Then also you become very changed from what you have been. Is it so, that ‘Bad people bring out the bad in you’ or you have dropped yourself down to that level to be bad and mad?

Sometimes I come across such situations where it becomes difficult for me to understand whether to follow my heart and instincts or to flow with the waves of unacceptable or I should be using the word ‘Wrong (for myself)’? I sense, I am a kind of person who can’t “Swallow the bee, happily”. Situations arise when you feel like battling inside with yourself and with the outer forces and you feel like riding on two boats at a time.

My experience says if you are good enough to take whatever comes your way, you are going to be screwed one day and if you are bad to the extent where you don’t let anyone stand on you the world is, other way, going to screw you. If you feel like accepting this as it is, your heart doesn’t allow you to compromise with its dignity and if you don’t accept this the way it is, it won’t let you live peacefully. What should a person do to overcome? Sometimes when I see there exists nothing in this world called ‘Good or bad and straight forward or corrupt’, everyone is living double faced life then I realize that I am living my life the wrong way by trying to stay stuck at following what my heart says (And you know what? Your heart always knows/says right despite being placed on the left) but I don’t know, is it really a right way to live by being deceptive to yourself? And unfortunately this is the definition of adjustment now-a-days.

Seldom happens, life takes you to an another level of living where you don’t need any art or style of living but an art/style of faking. I feel I’ve got a great misfortune of lacking this art because it’s difficult for me to deal with such people. I become aggressive, instantly. I am clueless, am I really unlucky? Or I am the one of those twenty out of two-thousand handpicked people who doesn’t want to be a part of this face of the world.


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