एक उमंग…

एक रात काली, बहुत काली थी फिर भी
एक सपने की शमा जगमगाती रही…
अंधेरे में कहीं खो गया वो जुगनू चलते-चलते,
एक लौ मग़र अंदर उसके झिलमिलाती रही…

एक ओर समंदर का तूफ़ान बेचैन था,
एक ओर मिट्टी की प्यास उफ़नती रही…
उजड़ा हुआ एक आसमाँ सहमा पड़ा था,
एक बंजर ज़मीं फ़र्ज़ निभाती रही…

afterglow art backlit birds
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एक दूर कहीं से आवाज़ सुनता था,
एक नदी पास ही शांत बहती रही…
पिंजरों का एक ढ़ेर हुजूम लगाए खड़ा था,
एक उमंग की परवाज़ मचलती रही…

एक जोगी मंज़िल से ठगा बैठा था,
एक राह उस पर हँसती रही…
निडर हुआ एक हौसला चल पड़ा था,
एक ज़िंदगी बीच में कहीं फँसी रही…





My Hindi Two-liners about ‘Life’…


कभी इसके, कभी उसके इशारों पर चलती,
ये ज़िंदगी जुए का दाँव हो जैसे कोई…



ज़िंदगी के कैन्वस पर तख़य्युल (Imagination) का चेहरा उकेर कर देखो,
तजुर्बे की स्याही का क़माल ख़ुद-ब-ख़ुद दिख जाएगा…









कुछ क़िस्से हम ज़िंदगी को सुनाने बैठे थे,
ये एक ज़िंदगी हमारी पूरी दास्तान लिए बैठी थी…



अच्छा हुआ ख़ैर ये भी के कुछ और ना किया हमने,
बस इश्क़ किया और ज़िंदगी को समझ लिया हमने…


शुक्र है ज़िंदगी ग़म ही देती है…
कभी आईना थमा दे, तो अपने संस्करणों से भी मिल लेना…


मौत के गवाह हुए सारे यहाँ,
ज़िंदगी के हथकंडे कोई जानता नहीं…










मैं जब खुश हो जाऊँ तो नाराज़ होती है ज़िंदगी,
मैं अब नाराज़ हूँ तो बाज़ क्यों नहीं आती?


लिख कर के ज़िंदगी बार-बार बेहिसाब रोया हूँ,
भरा हुआ था होंठों तक, चुप्पी टूटने के बाद रोया हूँ…





To Be Continued….

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Mysterious learning…

Today morning, something unusual happened to me! I woke up with this random thought. I’d picture myself dying in a particular state, in my mind!

I envisioned that the final day was standing eye-to-eye, in front of me and I was in a state of sheer happiness where my mind was empty (having nothing to recollect) and everything would seem full of joy.
The same state of mind in which I want to be, when that time is near. A state where I’m left with no regrets and no satisfaction. No fulfillment, nothing remains to be fulfilled.

That state (emptiness or having nothing to recall) isn’t something one has to create, it automatically occurs when you’re smiling.

“The state of indifference is the state of smile”.

A mysterious experience happened when I was in deep sleep last night and I think that thought in the morning was an effect of this experience, as there’s always a cause to an effect.

I dreamed that I was diagnosed with lung cancer (despite the fact that I don’t smoke…haha) and doctors were doing all that was in their control, to heal my body for this life-threatening ailment.

So! This is no experience!

I was talking about what I’m going to write next.

After I woke up in the morning, I realized the dream last night didn’t affect me at all.
I didn’t become restless, it wasn’t like all other scary dreams that would make me sweat and get me leave my bed, half asleep.
It was such a great experience when I realized, I smiled (it just happened and I figured out that I smiled) and understood that I learned the lesson of AWARENESS.

I was aware of the fact that I was unaffected of an imaginary state of mind that doesn’t exist, at present.
I learned about the absolute me, I learned the absence of presence and vice-versa.

In order to elaborate this…

Photo Courtesy: Photo library from WordPress.

To be alive is the greatest gift vouchsafed to us as humans and that’s the reason enough for me, to find a purpose of living than roving aimlessly for a destination. Basically there’s no final destination, keep digging in the hands of destiny.
Destiny follows the determination, it is to set goals over goals and destination is the aim to achieve them. So for me, my learning of life till date is that our desires to unfold the layers of our own souls never end until we give-up.

“Procrastinating your own happiness is giving-up, in life”.

Happiness is something which makes one feel good by doing good. For me that lies in being productive and constantly finding something great for feeding my mind to indulge it into further learning and my heart into doing good.

Making life give-in, is the best way how one can win and that happens only when one is actively working toward making their soul feel good.
“Don’t play this game of life like a gamble of bet, play it at your own terms”.

I am listening to my heart and following its footsteps. There’s something which doesn’t let me stop, it wants me to move ahead to keep moving, and finding a purpose that may be anything resulting in a fecund action for the social good. I hope so!

“The most beautiful thing about life is a contemplative mind, a reflective conscience is indispensable to have a beautiful heart”.





PS: This post doesn’t talk about any mystery of existence or death. It is based upon my experience and this explains how I learned about ‘Awareness’ of self. 🙂


हम अकेलेपन के अँधेरे में खो रहे थे,
ये दुनिया कहती थी
हम घर में सो रहे थे…

दर्द भी छुपाते थे (और)
मरहम भी लगाते थे,
हम दरअसल दीवारों में घर ढ़ो रहे थे…

कुछ अरमान भी थे ख़ैर यूं तो,
वो मग़र झूमर पर झूल रहे थे…
एक कहानी बन गई दरवाज़ों के पीछे,
आलमारियों को दीमक़ चख रहे थे…

बैठा था वो पुराना घर भी
दफ़्न किये, कई राज़
जो उसे बेहद तंग कर रहे थे…





My Personal Calling…

What more and what else could I ask for
if I can be well understood by expressing myself?


I feel amazing
to be the soul of this understanding
of my goal of life.

It gives me an opportunity,
almost everyone wants in life


I can be happy by observing
and expressing what I just observed,

this is nothing less than a miraculous favor
bestowed upon me,

there are many hearts who have oceans to utter
but can scarcely convey a bucketful of it,

I have a chance to be a little more expressive.

I had never imagined that
my personal calling would be so interesting.

I am glad that the universe chose me, for writing.



The Daily Prompt-Bestow

If it wasn’t for our love…

I stumbled upon you and became childlike again, like I used to be only with you.
For that, if it wasn’t for our love, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Life was uphill until you left, I met the reality later on. How I wonder, not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish this fullest form of love, unlike us! We were born just to experience the abbreviation of it together, but I loved that experience too; I didn’t just love but lived in it.
Even when we stayed apart, we were afar to be near. Distance was keeping us closer. I’m flabbergasted, we were always good for each other but never good enough!

I still want you to flirt with me, like glow-worms romance the dusk and the Moon makes love to the dark; how you did is inexplicable. You moved me with your ineffable charm in such a kind that I carved your shape on my heart… whosoever lives there, can never overshadow you.
That euphoric fondness which keeps me closer to you, is everything that I would live for!
I want to understand what all remained an unfathomable. I want to hearken to what all remained unsaid and listen to the beats of your heart to catch all those moments that passed and I missed.

I always wanted to say a lot,
now I want to say a little more
Earlier I hadn’t had words,
now I don’t have us…
Every time I confessed my feelings for you,
I was so much in love with you
but when I remained silent
it was because you rose beyond those boundaries of words.

She wrote, stirred her heart with love, saw his photos and murmured vaguely, “Although I’m immune to emotions, your smile would kill me”.


To know who she was and to whom the words were dedicated, stay tuned!


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The Sky Of My Thoughts…


Have you ever observed the sky? Ah! You must have, what a stupid question.
Since you have witnessed the clouds wandering above your head up in the sky, did you ever wonder how come this view is so enchanting?

I watched this sky making rounds daily but never paid such attention like today. I wanted to see the depth of that beauty and so, ended up seeing my reflection.


It was a normal day like all others were, still something was very different from all of them.
The color of the sky was deceptive today, it was a combination of all…
It was crystal & grey, it was also black & white, and it was blue & bright. A wonderful sky made my day.

It was a serendipitous sight, sometimes my thoughts also seem to be of the similar nature that of the sky.
They appear to be transparent like crystal ,and grey selfsame as the age of the mind of an old lady. I witness them maturing salt and pepper, like a handsome man’s hair which makes him even sexier. And sometimes they’re like a blue sea of possibilities, I dive in and come out with innumerable oysters containing many number of bright pearls.

And this was special about today’s musings, I never noticed this characteristic of thoughts, which the sky made me realize today!

“Beauty is the manifestation of one’s own reflection”. ~Rashmi Mishra

This feeling of beholding such greatness of the nature is ineffable. Those days, to my surprise, I just want to sit back and watch how nature conspires us to admire its tricks of entwining our thoughts with its flow of beauty and hope.

Like time stays in the history and centuries pass, I want to slip in that time and stay in that century. I want to see where thoughts come from and witness the Authenticity of being thoughtful.

I want to look up more and feast my eyes!


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