A few phrases that sound ridiculous if literally translated in Hindi…

I was thinking of the Hindi meaning of a word ‘System’ today morning and went on thinking of multiple other phrases that compelled me to write this post. Enjoy, I enjoyed writing it.

Take a Seat.

एक गद्दी लो…

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Let’s talk, you may pick any color of your choice later. Ha-ha! 😉

What the hell is this?

ये क्या नर्क है?

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Swarg-nark toh sab iss dharti par he hai, decide kar lo tumhaare liye kya nark hai aur kya swarg… 😀

Get Lost!

खो जाओ !

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Dhoondhne bhi nahi aayega koi, agar tumhein dhoondhne koi aa jaaye toh dekh lo kho kar! 😉 😛

What’s up?

ऊपर क्या है?

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Mere uppar abhi ceiling hai, tumhaare uppar bhi kaafi kuch ho sakta hai… 😉 😀

Spill the beans…

फलियां बहाओ…

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I guess this one is the most sensitive to my nerves, feels like someone is asking me to throw up my viscera. Sorry for giving you the same feel! 😉 😀

Costs a leg and an arm …

एक टांग और एक बांह क़ीमत है…

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Chalo khair doosra taang aur baanh toh surakshit hai. 😛

That Sounds great!

वह महान आवाज़ करता है!

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Does he not sound great? Kitna mahaan hai… Ha-ha! 😉

Never mind

कभी नहीं दिमाग

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Doesn’t make sense. Nahi tha, nahi hai, nahi hoga. 😛 😉

Once in a blue moon

एक नीले चाँद में एक बार

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Chaand neela pad jaaye, aisi naubat naa aaye bas! 😀
A book, in a blue moon! 😉

I’m Feeling low.

मैं नीचा महसूस कर रहा हूँ।

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Which share market were you indexed in? 😀

Are you out of your mind?

क्या तुम तुम्हारे दिमाग के बाहर हो?

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Kyun nahi, ab toh yahi zaroori ho gaya hai iss post ke baad.. Dimag ne apni jaaydaad se bedakhal kar diya hai mujhko! 😀

Hey! You rock man.

हे! तुम चट्टान आदमी।

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Chattaan uthaa kar mat phenkna ab mujh par! 😛 😀

Let’s discuss more of such phrases and words, comment below. After all, humor is a must! 🙂


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